A selection of eight colourful, floral designs all adapted from original paintings. The designs all feature a floral motif and/or sea shapes and subject matter inspired by my life by the sea in Cornwall, UK. 


Postcards are printed on a thick card stock with a matt high-colour front and uncoated reverse. The uncoated reverse is perfect for writing on and includes ample amounts of blank space to scribble a message to a loved one. 


These postcard parks work just as well as notecards, thank you notes or indeed a gift of the entire pack.


Each postcard pack is hand-picked at the studio and will include 8 of a possible 17 different designs (with more to come as I create new painting collections!). There are no duplicates in a single pack.

Potluck Postcard Set (8 postcards)

    • Postcard pack (6 x 4 inches).
    • 8 postcards in each pack.
    • Designs adapted from original gouache paintings.
    • Printed in the UK on a matt, smooth card stock.
    • Uncoated reverse for writing.
  • Postcard packs are sent in eco-friendly, compostable cellowrapping with  a descriptive sticker, inside a secure, hard-backed envelope.

    Ready to ship in 1-2 business days.